Hand in Hand in hope

It is the project that was created by SİTODED (Civil Society Supporter Association) and conducted within the scope of social service activities of our city.

Our project that was conducted within the scope of European Union Youth Projects was carried out with the participation of the youth groups of Turkey, Italy, Portuguese and Romania.

Our activities that is conducted within the scope of Turkish National Agency and with the participation of Erzurum Governorship Social Service Management enabled the children on orphanage school to practice in some fields like drawings, music , hand arts and street theatre.

After activities were done, an exhibition consisting of handouts was held.

It was held in 03-11 November 2006.

Folk Song of Çoruh

It is one of our activities intercultural interaction and advertisement of our city prepared within the scope of youth activities.

It was conducted with the participation of Turkey and five countries of member of European Union within the scope of our activities on Çoruh river in İspir County.

We tried to introduce our country, culture and city and get some information about them and their culture while we were doing rafting with youth groups from Turkey, Estonia, Romania, Denmark, Czech Republic and Poland within the scope of action 1- youth for Europe- youth Exchange projects.

Our project was carried out between 18-25 June in 2007.

Let’s Meet On the Anatolian Peak

Our work conducted by our association within the scope of Action 3.1 was implemented in Erzurum Palandöken Mountain with the participation of 45 people from 9 countries.

With this Project 45 participants from 9 countries that were Romania, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldavia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey worked together on themes like Global Warming and Winter Sports and 2011 Winter Universiade- Winter Games.

Our Project implemented in 22-29 February 2008 was supported by Turkish National Agency.

New Generation and New Beginning

With our project, we met up with young people from different religions in of Europe in Erzurum that has been a threshold of different civilisations and religions. As young people we came together to share ideas and experiences between different cultures and religions and tried to develop new ideas and build bridges. We also wanted to create dialogues and mutual understanding between us. This was conducted in 23-30 October in 2008.

We tried to find solutions to our prejudices by working together and creating some visual, intellectual, physical and other workshops emphasising on the concept of world peace. And other problems and prejudices towards to different religions. Within the concept of Collaboration of Civilisation, we not only created new connections with European Youth and Europe we also tried to work together in a wide and great geography with a wide perspective.


Youth Information Garden is a Youth Democracy Project. We created this project within the scope of European Union Youth Programme Action 1.3 Youth Democracy Projects and our association in association with the municipality of Jaunsvirlauka-RigaLatvia, Group Polatlı-ANKARA and YWCA/YMCA of Jaunsvirlauka-Riga-Latvia.

It was carried out with the help of Turkish National Agency.

Thanks to our Project;

We aimed to:

  • Create awareness the concept of democracy and democratic processes on youth ,
  • Create Networks that allow youth to share their ideas and to use information sharing vehicles more effectively,
  • Increase the use of internet by youth NGOs,
  • Enable to appeal mass areas thanks to media,
  • Use information Technologies to make youth involve in democratic processes in an effective way.

It was held in 15 September 2008 – 15 May 2009.

Youth Bridge

This is an Action 4.3 mutual seminar supported by Turkish National Agency and implemented by the members of our association.

With the participation of the representatives of Germany, France, Romania, Latvia, Greece and Turkey we planned this activity to bring the young people together, share ideas, develop mutual works, have different experiences and we observed them to learn and teach.

In this Project, we aimed at bringing different cultures and associations and their members at the same platform and develop new mutual Works with the young people in our local.

With our Project, we tried to create and understanding on young people to be an EU citizenship and how to develop themselves in accordance with their own multi cultural environment. By doing so, we wanted to increase their participation to these activities.

Within the scope of our Projects, we tried to increase our cultural richness of our country by working with all participants and asked them to create new interesting Projects after the year 2008 that was intercultural dialogue year.

In our city, which has been one of the ancient settlements and  civilisations of  Anatolia and one of those that has had a very rich and different geography under the roof of Anatolia that hosted many various cultures and civilisations together we tried to make our participants to experience these all by conducting different activities and protect common cultural heritage.

Discussing the past and the future with mutual activities we developed new relations for creative ideas.

It was held in 18-22 January 2009. 

Let’s Work for Youth and Democracy

Civil Society Supporter Association joined as an national participant the Action 4.3 project conducted by Antalya Kaş District Governorship with 9 countries participation. It was held in 26-30 October in 2009.

Kites are Rising from East with Youngsters

Kites Are Rising From East With Youngsters, which is a project done by Civil Society Supporter Association, was implemented after Winter Universiade for the young people to make them be active in voluntary activities and  develop themselves on the topics and things that they needed as festivals, feasts or organisations at both national and  international level.

Within the scope of Youth Programme, our Project was conducted with the participations of young people from 8 countries and other youth organisations.

It was held in 24-31 October 2011.

One World - Thousand Nation

Our project had been realized in Gocyhay, Azerbaijan, which had a great capacity of young population and hosted by our Project partner who was based in Azerbaijan.

The themes of our project were Diversity, Cultural Differences and Tolerance, supporting youth by young people. We aimed in this 3.1 Youth in The World Project,

• To involve young people who has never attended such activities before,

• Intercultural dialogue,

• Supporting young people to improve youth work.

In our project, to which 35 young people from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Romania and Turkey attended, during 7 days of programme we made activities like workshops, ice breaking games, sightseeings, intercultural learning activities, in all of which we also used informal learning techniques.

It was held in 07-14 November 2010.


Our project implemented in centre of Erzurum and districts where the declared by UNESCO as a ‘’Biosphere reserve area’’, declared by WHO as a ‘’the cleanest environment”’. This region calls in our country and city Coruh Valley. This valley comprehend of Uzundere and Tortum districts. The most important advantage of this valley has a big potential about ’’ Rural Tourism’’ also this valley open for improvement  and one of the prefered region for development. But this region lose their population with migration.

Our aim of this project as a youngsters;

      • We evaluated potential of region and provide to embrace this region by youngsters,
      • In this field we researched present good example in Europe and interchange inside of the local,
      • youngsters were be in  all decisions, decision making process and mechanism.

This project was be centre and district of Erzurum ten months with partnerships from Italia and Romania.

Working visits, observe to good examples and interchange to local, brain stormy, Public-Ngo and private sector meetings, joining to parliamentary counsel, preparing publication, introduce to youth in action programmes activities, panel.

It was held in 01 June 2013 – 01 April 2014.

Nature – History – Adrenalin

Our project has been designed with its history, cultural and natural beauties along with important tourism potential in Erzurum.

Our objectives, with participation of young people from 5 countries (Turkey, Italy, Spain, Armenia and Ukraine) and we will hold it between 10th – 18th July 2012;

To create awareness on young people of sports, environment and nature themes.

To create awareness and consciousness by implementing workshops and various sport activities.

To promote our local environment both in domestic and international level and create effective works for our local community.

To promote our local people awareness on butterfly watching that has made long time and been focus point in the world.

To make all the participants active, think creative ones and regarded as a part of the community where they are living.

Our project was implemented in the scope of Civil Society Supporter Association that had been dealing with sports and youth field by which youth, environment, culture and tourism activities may be processed.


Our project held in Erzurum centre with participation of young people from 6 countries. Scope of our works we planned to introduce intercultural learning activities with the help of culture-art and outdoor implementations.

With the mixed groups of our works we embroided special cultural designes in various styles of each participating countries on the areas of the parks in the city centre and the lawn in the university.

Intercultural learning had been an important work as we planned to create awareness on young people and local people about different cultures, activities related to culture, art and sports, promote both the culture of our country and the other culture of countries.

Those who had taken part in our activities were young people who were not wealthy but limited possibilities. We tried to provide them with possibilities by which they could be active, sociable, someone who could express themselves well, and they could have potential an enterpreneur at the international level.

Our project participants were Azerbaijan, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania and Turkey with the 28 people. It implemented between 01st -08th June in2012.


We aimed to dissemination and teaching at a basic level ‘’Gestuno” international sign language with participants who came together from different cultures. After the training, we planned to the participants from different countries able to deal with other people who know sign language and deaf citizens in their countries.

Also as a “Engelsiz Diller” group in the project;

  • Young people from different cultures have come together for improve to their skills and competencies and They had an opportunity to meet and live together,
  • By helping them to learn the sign language of the people who doesn’t have this problem to understand deaf people,
  • Encourage to deaf people their rights and in the society,
  • Giving to possibility for people improve to activities for deaf people,
  • Remove all barriers at communication level,
  • Giving to possibility disable people as active participation inside of international projects
  • To work in a multicultural environment with disabilities and non-disabled young people.

we have implemented plans and studies in this direction.

We realized our project between 10.11.2014 to 19.11.2014 in Erzurum with 30 participants from 5 countries.


Our project was applied in Erzurum between 21 November and 02 December 2014 in Erzurum. We applied the activities in city centre, Yakutiye, Palandöken and Atatürk University.

Aiming to gather different cultures together, in our project we got together with youngs from different countries, combined our folk song lyrics with theirs. In this process, by using the universal language which is music, we wanted to manage our common goals all together.

These goals:

  • managing the cultural interaction via music,
  • ensuring these youngs to learn each countries’ folks and customs,
  • with a concert at the end of the project, showing the audiences that music is universal, get their attention on these countries traditions and reveal an inter-product.

30 people from difficult countries including Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Ukraine and Turkey attended the music workshops, idea sharing meetings, concert activity, sightseeing and cultural activities.


Our project was implemented in Erzurum. We implemented some activities about nature, environment, sports and tourism activities which were interest with orienteering.

30 participants came together in this project from six countries such as; Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Poland and Greece.

Scope of our project; We tried to adopt to people to reach a large mass from every social economic level such as; disabled, young and old people, etc.

These 30 participants took in part in our project who had interest about youth, sport, tourism and outdoor activities.

We shared experiences from each other about general characteristics and innovation of orienteering and we took professional supports from experts.

In our project ; We used non- formal education techniques , working with young people from different countries and cultures with intercultural learning , collaboration, culture, knowledge of the subject with volunteerism and volunteer work, we have provided the opportunity to acquire experience from experts.

Our project was held from 12.05.2016 to 20.05.2016 in Erzurum.


Within the scope of our project, we planned to host our volunteers from Spain, Estonia, Lithuania and Croatia and started to implement our project with approval.

As part of the approved project; 10 participants from four countries participated in the European Voluntary Service activities within our organization.

Our volunteers had an opportunity to work with youth in these fields (Inclusion, Youth Studies, and Youth Policy), EU Citizenship, EU Awareness and Democracy, creativity and culture.

These young people were own limited opportunities due to geographical, economic difficulties, social and cultural differences. Although these difficulties, they were young people who were willing to become active participants, participate in social work, and improve themselves.

Our project volunteers were participated for two months (59 days) short-term EVS activities.

In our project, we aimed to;

  • Gained to work experience in a multicultural environment;
  • Became an active person;
  • Producing to solutions;
  • Breaking of prejudices against differences;
  • Respect and love each other;
  • Acting as a active citizenship.

The project was held in Erzurum between the dates of 01.06.2016 – 31.05.2018 in 24 months period.


20 volunteers participated in our project.

Activities in the project were be carried out in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece.

Our volunteers worked in the host countries and organizations with children and the young on the subjects that are Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy), Entrepreneurship and Active Citizenship, Creativity and Culture.

The young ones who took part in our project are the young who are underprivileged because of the geographical and economical distress, social and cultural differences. With all these difficulties, those young ones are the young who were eager to be active individuals, try to attend social projects, and try to improve themselves.

All of the volunteers who were be involved in our project attended short term European Volunteer Service activities. 

Our project was realized between 01.12.2017 – 01.06.2019.


We had 10 volunteers within the scope of our project.

Activities in the project were carried out in Macedonia.

Our volunteers worked in the host countries and organizations with children, person with disabilities and the young on the subjects that are Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy), Entrepreneurship and Active Citizenship, Creativity and Culture.

The young ones who took part in our project are the young who are underprivileged because of the geographical and economical distress, social and cultural differences. With all these difficulties, those young ones are the young who were eager to be active individuals, try to attend social projects, and try to improve themselves.

All of the volunteers who have beeen involved in our project attended short term European Voluntary Service activities.

The project, it was taken place between 01.12.2017 – 30.12.2018.


Within the scope of our project, we sent youngs between the ages of 18-30 to a youth NGO in North Macedonia.

Our volunteers worked in the host country and organization, with children, disable and the youngs on the subjects that are Citizenship and democratic participation, Entrepreneurship, Youthwork.

All volunteers involved in our project participated short term European Solidarity Corps Volunteering activities.

With our project, we aimed to open up youngs through volunteering activities, to realize their potential, to improve their awareness of different cultures, external world and facilities and to see what they can do.

In the future, we aimed to enable these youngs to act more actively, socially, as part of the society in which they live, as citizens.

Our project was carried out between 01.06.2019 – 31.12.2020.


18 volunteers took part in our project.

Project activities were be realized in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Greece.

Our volunteers worked together with children, youth, creativity and culture, equal opportunity, new technologies and digital competences, entrepreneurship, active citizenship in the host organizations.

Young people in the scope of our project who had economic, social, cultural differences and limited educational opportunities.

They wanted to improve themselves and take part in social activities through short-term Volunteering activities.

Within the scope of our project, volunteers participated to voluntary service for 2 months (57 days + 2 days) within the host organizations.

As a result of our project, it is aimed to be more active, social and good relations with their environment and sensitive to solving problems as well as entrepreneurial aspects.

Our project was implemented between 01.02.2019 and 31.01.2020.


Within the scope of our project, we hosted volunteers from the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Macedonia and Greece. 10 participants from 5 countries participated in volunteer activities within our organization.

Our volunteers worked with young people in the areas of youth (inclusion, youth work, Youth Policy), entrepreneurship, creativity and culture.

These young people are under privileged in the current situation as a geographic, economic difficulties, due to social and cultural differences. Despite all this difficulties, They are eager to participate social activities and trying to improve themselves.

Young people participating in our project participated in activities in our organization in two-month periods.

Our project took place in Erzurum between 01.02.2019 – 31.12.2020.