Don't use the nature, use to bike

Bicycle isn’t use widely as a sport and transportation vehicle in Turkey. More precisely using of bicycle quite a few in Turkey although this situation show an alteration from city to city neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Turkey is the use of bicycles as a ratio as low as 5%.

A healthy lifestyle benefits to environment such as a using easy transportation vehicle the many benefits that can be used as a means of cycling is quite common all over the world even if local governments implementing plans to develop to use in city.

Best practices in the use of bicycles is available in our country preferred for use in rural areas but especially in east part of Turkey it is difficult to see using bicycle as a local transportation vehicle.

We were trying to attracting attention of local and regional governments and universities about bicycle from one year as a SİTODED – Group Rhythmic Steps. In our Project we were planning to use effective way and methods develop the using bicycle as a transportation vehicle and we wanted to aware our young people to encourage them cycling in our region. We were planning to take supports of local governments, general directorate of youth and sport and NGO’s. As a young people we were planning to awareness to people about noise and environment pollution embraced the sport as a healthy lifestyle and youth movement activitis in our region.

Our project were realized in Erzurum and our universities we were planning to implement this project for six months (01.03.2014 – 01.09.2014) with three different pilot districts.


We had planned to apply some workings in the field of entrepreneurship for the young people Erzurum city centre and its districts.

We applied youth contact meetings, brain storming meetings and activities which are aimed at generalize Youth in Action projects during the our project.

We told to young how they can set up their business by organizing KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Training. Sixty young people participated our trainings. 58 young participants took their Entrepreneurship Training certificates which are accredited in national level and provide they to benefit from government grants by showing regard to rules of KOSGEB. We worked to provide that the young people activated themselves and they apply and carry out their plans and projects.

The young people, who are not so rich as social and economical, the students of university participated our project which implemented with our local partners and continued during five months (01.05.2013 – 01.10.2013).


Ethnobotany is including “the people living in the region, to meet the requirements to benefit from a variety of plants in the vicinity of information and its effects on plants”.

All over the world, especially in Europe carried out the scientific level of studies in this regard.Our country is the focus of attention all over the world on this issue of diversity and cultural richness. Plants used in mainly many areas food, coloring agent, (madders) and treatment in rural areas in this regard.But recent searches showing to us evaluating this issue as a separate branch of science known by now only the old people this information are not narrating the young generation and this information’s are fading gradually.

With in this project; we planned to met old people for practice workshops in the rural place where were the one of the most important place for biodiversity. This meeting would have been like a intergenerational youth meeting end of this meeting both we would have spent time with old people to taken some information from them and tried to create an awareness of young people in rural areas. We realized workshops as a youngsters about ancient historical of this informations.

This project had been in six months (01.05.2013 – 31.10.2013) the districts and centre of Erzurum.


We wanted to apply our project in the aim of improving voluntary works in our university, activating our youngsters and stimulating them to take place in social works.

Although our province had high young population, in applying voluntary works in social fields there were some problems. According to our research, throughout our country the rate volunteering and participating in voluntary works were approximately 3%, also in our region, province and our university it was under 1%. This situation was causing problems on youngsters’ individual development, moral satisfaction, creating social benefit. Moreover, it was creating obstacles in active participation in activities planned in civil society field, in increasing quality and efficiency level in our province.

In sensibleness of people in volunteering had shown itself in 2011 Winter Universiade held in our province. The majority of our local youngsters had chanced to experience volunteering and voluntary works in this organization.

With our project, starting with the youngsters around us, we tried to activate our youngsters with our works, give information about volunteering. We put our enthusiasm for a sustainable process brought by Winter Universiade.

By putting emphasis on the priority of “2011 European Volunteering Year”, we tried to apply our project with a rich context in environment, culture, art, sports, and competition programmes. By stimulating the participation of Local Authorities and NGOs, we tried to create a dynamism for youngsters to inform and direct them.

Our works, which last for 5 months (01.03.2012 – 01.08. 2012), was applied in two sections both inside and outside of the university and also in the Erzurum City center.


Our aim with this project was to taught foreign language (English) with traditional games to children who had disadvantages.

In east part of our country socio-cultural problems are more than those in other regions. The density of climate and geographic conditions decrease the life standards and make compatibility hard. Standards and make compatibility hard. Family population is high. This situation and socio-cultural difficulties prevent children and adults from having good educational facilities.

Foreign language learning is one of the most important issues of today’s condition. Moreover, in some fields one foreign language is not enough and another foreign language is Our local and region unfortunately is not developed enough for this. In most families children and adults don’t speak a foreign language and they cannot benefit from the facilities of the foreign language school that give this service. So this situation makes them more disadvantaged in their lives as compared to other children and adults.

In language learning the most suitable age periods are 1-6 year-old students of primary school.

As a young developing group, we planned to taught English to a group consisting of children from schools of our province and children who were working in the streets. We would have used the games the local and cultural games that these children always play. By doing so, we did attract their attention and interests to taught them English in an effective way and made them more enjoyable.

In the scope of national youth initiatives, our project, which was to be carried on with non-formal education techniques, had been implemented in Erzurum City Centre for 5 months (01.09.2012 – 31.01.2013).


With our project we had aimed at increasing the awareness of young people in our local, province and university on 2012 the year of active aging by dealing with the related problems and coping with them in and effective way and solving together.

As an inter-generational dialogue of our project we brought both young and older people together.

As young people, in our project to be held in Erzurum City Centre and its counties we analysed our custom, traditions and culture from past until now with older people whom we regarded as witnesses of our past.

We provided our young people with the oppurtunities by which they can come together with the older people to talk. We implemented this kind of activity to different groups that would be divided into two groups as free time evaluation. With these groups we tried to record and save the conversations and the experiences of our older people who were the witnesses of the past. By doing so, we talked about our culture from past to now, shared the experiences in different aspects and made our cultural values, which were about to dissappear, current issues of today’s life.

By making a short movie and with our hand-outs we taught our young people what we had learned so far.

In the scope of Action 1.2 Youth Initiatives that were during 7 months (01.06.2012 – 01.01.2013), we applied our activities as planning meetings, trips, visits, entertainment activities, shooting and installation, promoting -dissemination, and evaluation.

The Youth Comes with Migration

In the scope of Civil Society Supporter Association works, this is a Project implemented by our members.

We aimed at developing solutions to the social adaptation problems of young people who came to Erzurum City Centre form surrounding counties, urban areas and other counties. We implemented activities to make young people of outskirts of Erzurum and other young people spend time together and work.

Our work was implemented within the scope of EU Youth Programme.

This project had been in six months (15.08.2011 – 15.01.2011) in Erzurum.


This was an activity to develop consciousness and create awareness among young people and those who wanted to take part in the Winter Universiade- World inter-universities Winter Sports.

Activities conducted by the members of our association were related to activities on voluntarism, education, seminar, meeting, organisation and Works related to social works. And they were all supported within the scope of Youth Programme.

This project had been in five months (01.06.2010 – 01.12.2010) in Erzurum.

Culture House

It is a team work created by our members and named as the Leaders Group of the Future. By coming together with young people it was implemented with the support of Turkish National Agency by the followings:

  • Meetings were conducted by coming together with a leader every month.
  • By organising regional night young people from different regions found chance to see their cultural traits, traditions, customs, and cuisines and promote them.
  • Those who had abroad experiences shared their experiences both in national and international level.
  • EU Youth programme and EU project were promoted.
  • A youth newspaper and a regional dictionary were created.

This project had been in five months (01.03.2008 – 01.08.2008) in Erzurum.

Civil-Mark: The key to success “ Collaboration”

This project was prepared and implemented in Erzurum City Centre and its counties to create awareness on young members of NGOs and other youngsters who have not been in any membership of NGOs.

With this Project in Erzurum City Centre and with the help of experienced people we gave information to the youngsters participating in the scope of NGOs and their structures processes, duties and responsibilities. We organised meetings that lasted 4 months. Besides the activities that were educational, we also stimulated them to be active and participate.

During the Project we put emphasis on the importance of Europe and NGOs in Europe, promoting them and meaning of NGOs in terms of their collaboration. We worked to have a good communication and creating new networks. And we organised group Works designing mutual action plans.

By this project, we aimed at creating active citizenship and consciousness on European Citizenship on young people. As a group project conducted by our members it was supported by Turkish National Agency.

This project had been in five months (01.10.2007 – 01.03.2008) in Erzurum.

Everything with “YES”

This was a project that was held to create awareness to cope with drug addiction for students at schools, parents at pubs.

We organised informative presentations in dealing with the drug addiction and its ways and techniques in 5 pilot schools and 5 pubs with the participations of experienced people from Provincial Health Management.

Our Works were supported by Turkish National Agency and Erzurum Governorship and Provincial Directorate for National Education and Provincial Health Management.

This project had been in five months (01.09.2006 – 01.02.2007) in Erzurum.


This was a work to develop consciousness and create awareness on cleaning and hygiene at the primary schools especially in the neighbourhoods in Erzurum that are being migrated.

In the scope of the Works to the students and parents cleaning materials were successively delivered to them.

Our Works were supported by Turkish National Agency and Erzurum Governorship and Provincial Directorate for National Education and Provincial Health Management.

Atatürk University School of Nursing joined our Works as an accompanying member both in educational and presentational part and gave help to our Works that was held by the group of Hygiene and lasted 4 months.

This project had been in four months (01.03.2006 – 01.07.2006) in Erzurum.

Do not let “the green future” disappear

This was a project in creating awareness related to environment.

Activities that were conducted by Environmentalists Group were planned in 3 parts. At first part, different materials related to environment were delivered to the class teachers to use them during their classes. We handed out teacher presentations slides, CDs with cartoon sketches, colouring books and stories.

At second part, we gave place to planting. Especially for the newly created schools and areas approximately 2000 shoots were planted.

At the third part of our Works, different competitions were organised and implemented. In the name of competitions “The best school Garden and Site” presents were given to those were took grade.

Our Works were supported by Turkish National Agency, Erzurum Governorship and Provincial Directorate for National Education, Provincial Environment Managements and municipalities.

This project had been in five months (15.02.2007 – 15.07.2007) in Erzurum.

fellow cultures

In the process of entering EU, this was a Project that was held to give answer to the problem of quarrel in which Turkish Muslim society was accepted as a problem in accompanying with the culture of Christian European society.

With this Project: it was aimed to show that many peoples who were from different cultures, religions, languages and backgrounds lived together without any problem. In the borders of our city by showing churches and mosques that have been around for thousand years we aimed that those peoples from different aspects lived together. And this activity was held both in national and international level. 

Our activity that lasted 6 months with a rich content was supported by State planning organisation and European Union Education and Youth Programme headquarter (Turkish National Agency), Erzurum Governorship, City culture and National Education Management, metropolitan municipality and other chairmen. It was conducted by the group named Culture Envoys.

This project had been in six months (01.02.2006 – 01.08.2006) in Erzurum.