Who are we

    SİTODED was founded in February 2006.
    SİTODED, which was founded for the purpose of developing youth and civil society activities in Erzurum as a result of the research conducted by the founding members, who carry out various youth activities in many fields and receive education at associate degree, undergraduate and master's level, is active today with approximately 100 members.
    Our association members, all of whom are volunteers, create and implement various activity programs in Erzurum on Youth, Children, Disabled, Women, Culture-Tourism, Sports and Environment.
    SİTODED, which organizes support activities for various Non-Governmental Organizations in our city, continues to renew itself and transfer the knowledge and experience it has gained to its local area by participating in training and similar activities organized in various professional organizations and universities active at the national and international level.
    Our aim; To take the lead in increasing the efficiency level of Youth, Civil Society and NGO activities in our local area. Helping to produce projects at local, national and international level and to represent these projects on the international platform; To ensure the use and dissemination of existing programs for the development of our local.

mission and vision

Our mission:

  • to increase the activeness of young people, from local to international areas;
  • to increase the effectiveness of NGOs in local, national and international platforms;
  • to increase the participation and voice of Youth and NGOs in decision-making processes;
  • to create a network with socio-economic added value.
Our vision is to have individuals who:
  • can make changes;
  • create projects that have high efficiency level;
  • have no doubt for the future;
  • can support the leaders of the movement of Civil Societies to reach the concept of “Erzurum of the Future”;
  • can create liveliness and share these common ideals by coming together.

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